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Mobile Number:62-21-68700650
Phone Number:62-21-6252680
Fax Number:62-21-6252681
Address:Komplek Grand Boutique Mangga Dua B31, Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
email: sales@ genset-lpg.com
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Registration Date:Apr. 06, 2011
Last Updated:Nov. 21, 2011

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Company Brief

GreenPower is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing & manufacturing natural gas, LPG and biogas engines, generators, water pumps and other power equipments.

We try our best to be world-class gas powered products expert, be brave in innovation and research, and lead gas power technology. We creatively resolve the relative technology puzzle, breaking the bottleneck of gas powered engine development. We have obtained many national patents in gas powered engine technology. Some certifications obtained i.e: ISO9001 certificate in 2004, USA exhaust EPA approval in 2006, European CE approval & USA Carb approval in 2008 and many others. From January, 2005 to now, our products have been exported to more than 138 countries & regions, such as USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Iran, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Australia, Fiji, etc.

Powerful Production Capacity
GreenPower has 4 parts production lines, 2 assembly production lines, and a new factory in planning.
We implement ISO9001 Quality Management System, which fully controls every production link strictly, executes 100% test before product out of factory and ensures product quality, and product gets more international certificates like as CE, EPA, CARB, GOST, AGA, etc.

Continuous product innovation
Our R& D team improves products continously and develops new products without stopping. Such as Automatic Start Switch Equipment for gas generator sets, Low Noise Gas Generator Set Series sets, etc.

GreenPower Factory
Plant area: 15, 000 m2
Number of employee: 200
Production capacity: 350, 000 sets every year

More info, please visit: http: / / www.genset-lpg.com

Major Products / Services
  • GREENPOWER GAS GENSET (LPG/ elpiji, Natural Gas/ NG/ Gas Alam, Biogas/ Biomas)
    Pada umumnya genset berbahan bakar bensin/ solar, tetapi genset GREENPOWER ini berbahan bakar GAS (baik LPG, NG-Natural Gas maupun BioGas).

    Berikut ini kelebihan/ keunggulan genset LPG/ Gas:
    - Lebih irit, konsumsi bahan bakar lebih hemat, harga bahan bakar juga lebih murah dibandingkan dengan bensin/ solar.
    - LPG lebih mudah didapat dan tidak repot, dibanding penyimpanan dan pembelian bensin/ solar dalam jerigen.
    - Lebih aman, karena tidak perlu menyimpan bensin sebagai cadangan.
    - Pemakaian mudah, hubungkan dengan tabung LPG dan langsung start saat listrik mati.
    - Perawatan lebih mudah, karena bahan bakar lebih bersih. Tidak ada endapan yang ditinggalkan sisa bahan bakar, yang menyebabkan sulit start.
    - Lebih ramah lingkungan, polusi lebih rendah dan relatif lebih tidak berisik dibanding genset bensin/ solar.

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